The following are several websites, articles, research and other resources we use to stay up to date and shape our programs and understanding of the retail, hospitality and tourism industries.


Rural California-RHT Sector Workforce Survey – Customer Service Skill Standards Re-Validation [2017]

Retail Talent Disrupted (PDF) 2016

2014 Industry Forum White Paper (PDF) 2014.

On May 5, 2014 the Retail, Hospitality & Tourism Initiative hosted the 2014 Bay Region Retail, Hospitality & Tourism Industry Forum, a meeting where industry leaders informed educators about critical needs and trends in RHT. This collaboration will lead to more targeted education for students that will ultimately assist them in developing the skills necessary to find an exciting career in retail, hospitality or tourism. The 2014 Industry Forum White Paper, titled “Top Priorities for Education,” is created as a guide for future curriculum development.

Southern California Hospitality and Tourism Report (PDF) 2013.

Southern California’s Hospitality and Tourism cluster is large, diverse, and critical to the economic vitality of the region.

CalState and Hospitality Management Education Initiative – Career Outlook (PDF)

Learn more about the careers and education available for a future in Hospitality and Tourism. Start at a community college and transfer to one of these CalState Colleges or Universities.

Work-Based Learning in Linked Learning: Definitions, Outcomes, and Quality Criteria (PDF) 2011.

In June 2011, after extensive stakeholder engagement, the Linked Learning Alliance Work-Based Learning Subcommittee first published a field review document defining student-learning outcomes and criteria for high-quality implementation for one stage of the work-based learning continuum, Career Preparation: Practicum and Internships.

Work-Based Learning in California: Opportunities and Models for Expansion (PDF) 2009.

Increasing concern about the high school dropout rate and student academic achievement, as well as rapidly changing demographic and economic conditions, have sparked renewed interest in how best to engage students and prepare them for the complex future they face.

Labor Market Research

CA Community Colleges Collaboration with Retail, Hospitality & Tourism (RHT) Snapshot: Coachella Valley Desert/Inland Empire Region (PDF) 2014.

The California RHT in collaboration with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and Desert Community College District, recently completed a survey examining the retail, hospitality and tourism industry in the region. The goal of the survey was to inform community colleges within the region regarding the needs of businesses within the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism (RHT) business sector.

Hospitality & Tourism Sector Profile (PDF)

The hospitality and tourism sector includes lodging, restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, transportation, and additional fields within the tourism industry. This sector includes four clusters: food services, accommodation, activities/amusement and transportation.

Retail Sector Profile (PDF)

Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. Retailers purchase goods or products from a factory or wholesaler and then sell smaller quantities to consumers for a profit. In addition to fixed locations, non-store retailing can be done online or via mail order.


Growing Need for Travel Industry Education (PDF)
May 20, 2014
2014 SJSU Symposia for Hospitality Faculty
By Ellina Arakelova

Social Media for Hospitality (PDF)
May 20, 2014
2014 SJSU Symposia for Hospitality Faculty
By Randy Hulce, Hotel Managers Group

Career Pathways

Retail Management Certificate Career Pathway
Western Association of Food Chains

Retail Career Roadmap
National Retail Federation


Food Marketing Institute

National Retail Federation: This is Retail

Restaurant and Hospitality Magazine

Retail Management Certificate

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