Invest in Your Employees. Invest in Your Business.

The Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Initiative is committed to serving the training and education needs of the retail, hospitality, and tourism industries. We are focused on closing the skills Smart Companies recognize their employees as their greatest and developing programs that provide the most relevant, in-demand skills necessary for success in these dynamic industries.

We accomplish this by working closing with our industry advisors and community college partners to create both credit and non-credit courses, certificates, and credentials that address the specific needs of your company and allow you to offer your customers the best possible experience.

Our programs teach:

  • Interpersonal and soft skills
  • Advanced workplace skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Industry specific skills

In addition, we can assist you in developing internship programs, connecting you with qualified job applicants, and advocating for the retail, hospitality, and tourism industry needs at the Middle School, High School, Community College, and legislative level.

Whether your team requires a refresher course in customer service, your senior level staff are ready to pursue a certificate or associate degree, a group of new managers needs human relations and leadership training, or staff could benefit from an English as a Second Language program, we can help.

To learn how we can support your business or to express an interest in participating on an industry advisory board, please contact your region’s Deputy Sector Navigator.

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